Of Malice and Madness

by The Corinthian

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released May 23, 2017

Tyler Lowe- Guitars/Compositions
Mike Nelson- Guitars
Jacob Legg- Vocals/Lyrics
Kasey Mullins- Bass
Bryan James Bever- Drums

Recorded by Eric Hayne at Domicile Studios
Artwork by Mark Cooper at Mindrape Art
Logos by Daryn Baldwin at Glorious Gorification



all rights reserved


The Corinthian Charleston, West Virginia

The Corinthian are a modern death metal band hailing from the soul siphoning mountains of West Virginia. Our purpose is to bring forth a sound sonically shrouded in horror, doom, and malicious raw aggression.


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Track Name: Void Dwellers
Visions forming before these weary eyes
Reality is now a fading axiom of life
Paralysis claims me
A flame for the flies
Parasites feasting
On our miserable lives
Endless ocean swallow all I know
Shadow twisting 'round my frozen bones
Tear away the veil
Witness dreary reveries
Plummet down the well
Dream wicked memories
Stare into the eyes
Weaving horrid fallacies
Stare into the night...
I am the sun that implodes into the black
The Maelstrom to encompass all
I am the unspoken end
That devours with no name
A grand callous stone wheel
The Great Grinder of Man
In the void of lies the fiends do mesmerize
In the void of lies the fiends do hypnotize
Stare into the eyes
Utter abstract lullabies
Stare into the night...
I'm walking, walking belts of cosmic stone
Ingesting, ingesting wines of a cosmic sea
Fallacious wraiths prowl voracious
To show me lies they do mesmerize my eyes
Dream mortal dream
Dream mortal dream
Track Name: Horror in the Sand
Behold the arid waste before the eyes
Nothings here..
Nothings there..
What is this?
Where am I?
Is this real?
It's a lie?
No vultures circle inside burning light
I beg..
I beg for the night..
What am I?
Who am I?
This is real.
Whats a lie?
Infinite nothing
No notion of time
Hellish djinn wailing
Bring forward the night
I am the master of the sand
Hold sway to the mind
It bends at my command
Spy a serpent
Slithering swiftly
Charm in its eyes
Beguiled it approaches
Spy a serpant..
Helix crafter
Charm in its eyes.
'Round the arm and up the spine
Whisper your secrets
Endow me with knowledge
Open my eyes
Feed me the locusts
Summon your servants
Show me my hell
Rise charnel city rise
Somber undead a'low
Rise charnel city rise
Farewell to the sun
Horror has begun...
Track Name: Phantasms of the Undercity
A price is my skeleton
To those who design your graves
Shambling portraitists
Speakers to a foul deceiving worm
They celebrate the dead
And toast to their deaths, lay them rest
A Harvest Moon shall rise
The damned dancing
Waltzing manic
Twisted by spires
Digging frantic
Here a stench reeks to skies
Wraiths feast souls
Horror untold
Flies swarm my skeleton
A worthless corpse
Petrified enslaved
Rotten, enshrined by ghouls
Ghosts harbor the dead
Entombed them in death
Lay them to rest
Bones the worms will infest
I felt this nether rip out my essence
Leaving but a lifeless corpse
Helplessly grasping
I saw my soul siphoned and spiral to the void
Necropolis we'll all serve
Our bodies it preserves
Necropolis we'll all serve
A torture we deserve
Track Name: Fiddlers Green
Beyond a land with lakes of fire
Where stars shine bright with ire
Rests a thicket, entangled in vice and decay
Enter unhallowed woodlands and become a zombified slave
Malicious spirits luring all those who're near
Vines long to hoist you into the trees
Engorging their lust for that which you bleed
Drifting through the mists you'll hear the crier
A sirens song entices all deep into the mire
So sweetly she serenades
So swiftly she sings us away..sings us away...
Malicious spirits luring, all those who hear
Malicious spirits luring, all those who're near
Wines of lost flow endless from the leaves
Assuring those never to be free..
Drifting through the mists you'll hear the crier
A sirens song entices all deep into the mire
Deperditur noctem aeternam
Sino diabolous meos dirige
Ego sum actias
Epse est meus flamma
Canta mihi
So sweetly she serenades
So swiftly she sings us away..sings us away..
Malicious spirits luring all those who hear
Malicious spirits luring all those who're near
Cries of the lost ring
Eyes of the damned scream
Dream of salvation...you'll never behold..
Bound to eternal darkness the night takes my eyes..
The night takes my eyes
Rotten faces embedded in bark
Forlorn whimpers
Cries howling in the dark
They scream in vain
Suspended forever in agonized terror
Cries howling in the dark
They scream in vain!
Track Name: The Harrowing
This horror, this madness
The enslavement of hell
Led astray in the shadow
Now ensnared in her spell
What doth this mistress foreshadow
O'what doth she foretell
Lamb you're worthless to god
Claiming your loved ones
Grinning, while leaving you none
Cursed, dejected to exile with the night still young.
While the night was still young
Hack of my hands and hobble those feet
I'm soulless. I'm worthless just a mass of meat
Allow me inside and your dreams are your prize
Allow me inside, let me see through those eyes.
Allow me inside let me wear your disguise.
Allow me inside so I may swarm as if flies
Hack of my hands and hobble those feet
I'm soulless, I'm worthless, just a mass of meat
I hold this worthless mortals tongue in my hand
Sanction his soul
Walk as if a man...
Baptized beneath Belial
I'm the shade forged from denial
My rebirth, Impious Revival
Crave out my eyes on this vilest nights
Offer my tongue to the blackest of blights
I'm soulless.
I'm worthless.
I'm just a mass of meat
Praise The Devil
Creatures of The Fade
Praise The Devil
A formless rotted shade
Track Name: Soul Harvest
Here is my end
Dream mortal dream
Torture begins
Dream mortal dream
Nefarious grins
Dream mortal dream
Bring forth the end
My vestige rotting in a realm with no time
Gelastic seizures let me unwind
Thousands of eons crawl endless and blind
I believe I'll claim this as mine
Below me lies the fabled fetid garden of grime
Eidolon sentinels souls they grind
Myself and gloom immortally entwined
Tormented visions burned into my mind!
Falling through a sea of fire
Eager hands reach with desire
Madly I have spiraled downward
Seized in false light and entrancing eyes
Writhing wistful shrieking out
To nonexistence
Shell out a twin coined toll
Let me be on my way
I hear the fel reaper as he's calling out my name
Ferried across the lake
Perdition awaits
Ushered to the gates
Ferried across the lake
Perdition awaits
Ushered to the gates
So tell all your poets
Your preachers
Your sinners
Your saints
The bottomfeeders too!
We will pay the devil what is due
Not a mother be spared nor a child be saved
Your lives devoured by His Majesty, depraved
One day a darkness will come to claim us all
Brooding. Festering. Decaying.
Penumbra of the soul
A beast rises to drag me down a'low
Penumbra of the soul
I can hear the countless souls wailing underneath
Feed me weeping to The Great Gnashing Teeth.